A Healing Transformation.

NOVEMBER 12, 2023

My Autumn Seed... A New Vision Emerges.

Every ending marks the start of something new. While my last venture did not take flight as planned (Blush Bath Co.), it's lessons have lifted me to greater heights. I've rediscovered my passion's purpose, to continue to craft products that nourish community well-being- but just, way better.

This time, we build something exceeding the standard: a brand re-envisioned from within, focused outward. An authentic voice, attuned to your needs. Insistent challenges promise to deliver, but change is also life's constant - and an energized positive change hopefully fuels lasting success. 

To old friends, thank you for sticking around and walking with me so far. I’ve found my path's next steps, and hope you'll join in walking them too. Ahead lies opportunity to level up- create and offer more - but more made with the wisdom of nature bringing connection through our shared love of self-care's small joys. 

With creativity & courage framed by the caring and uplifting hands of my community- I feel heavily grateful as this vision slowly awakens into our mainstay.

A new day rises.