Behind the Name - Ghost Flower Beauty

Behind the Name


Ghost Flower Beauty was born from a generational tradition of mothers and daughters pressing flowers together, preserving them for years. And now, decades later- I find myself decorating our self care products with the natural beauty of dried and pressed flowers.

The name came to me while exploring the herbarium crafted by Emily Dickinson in the 1800s. Her pages were filled with pressed flowers alongside their botanical names in her handwriting. Shockingly still preserved as if they've only recently been pressed, I was amazed and wanted to know more about this poetic soul who wrote so simply yet profoundly. 

Emily’s poems were thought provoking, mostly about life, death and gratitude. As I read them, I become aware of the small gifts in each day. She wrote of a Ghost Flower, saying it was "the preferred flower of life." 

Discovering the transparency of the flower, I connected the desire to be transparent about my product's ingredients. Ghost Flower became fitting for the name of my handcrafted self care business- Still carrying down the tradition of preserving flowers with my own daughter.


“That it will never come again is what makes life sweet."

-Emily Dickinson

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