Self Care Crafted With Love & High-Vibration for Postpartum Wellbeing. Nourishing New Beginnings for All the Moms!

I like to call them, "Mini Spa (Mom)ents".

These little moments provide powerful, lasting benefits in a meaningful way.

Plant a seed with


to elevate your self care journey and grow.

My name is Jess and it would be a privileged to be your self care hostess. We can start right here...I make my products specifically for postpartum mamas or anyone suffering from depression or anxiety. Start checking off this list when you take some time for Ghost Flower Beauty's Mini Spa Moments.


You Ready To Feel Better?!

Let's go!

A Healing Transformation.

Welcome to the Ghost Flower shop. Our website is currently being shifted into an exciting new landing layered with cherished personal care and highly gift-able products. Thanks so much for sticking around as we do our best to transition our website and products to match our vision as quickly as we can. We appreciate you!

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We are here to help you elevate the way you care for yourself and your skin so that you can feel alive & well. We make natural, handcrafted self care that is worth your time and attention by uplifting overall mental health- the currency of our lives.

Natural Soy Candles

Our pure essential oil candles have a romantic, slow burn with subtle rich scents that will complement any room.

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Shower Steamers

With natures wisdom, the power of aromatherapy has endless benefits.  Made with only 100% pure essential oils, our steamers can sometimes be the perfect remedy. 
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    'These are some of the best self care products I have ever had the privilege of using. They make my life so much sweeter and I am so grateful I found this sweet little shop. I purposely support women owned businesses and feel so happy I can support a woman and a mother while also supporting myself through these amazing products. My mom and kids love everything too. I highly recommend!'

    -Jen P