Discover deeper wealth by taking care of yourself with my "Mini Spa Moments" Unearthed self care for the collective pursuit of motherhood well-being.

This version of you deserves the experience of self love.

A Healing Transformation.

Welcome to the Ghost Flower shop. Our website is currently being shifted into an exciting new landing layered with cherished personal care and highly gift-able products. Thanks so much for sticking around as we do our best to transition our website and products to match our vision as quickly as we can. We appreciate you!

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We are here to help you elevate the way you care for yourself and your skin so that you can feel alive & well. We make natural, handcrafted self care that is worth your time and attention by uplifting overall mental health- the currency of our lives.

Natural Soy Candles

Our pure essential oil candles have a romantic, slow burn with subtle rich scents that will complement any room.

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Shower Steamers

With natures wisdom, the power of aromatherapy has endless benefits.  Made with only 100% pure essential oils, our steamers can sometimes be the perfect remedy. 
  • - ★★★★★ "These are some of the best self care products I have ever had the privilege of using. They make my life so much sweeter and I am so grateful I found this sweet little shop. I purposely support women owned businesses and feel so happy I can support a woman and a mother while also supporting myself through these amazing products. My mom and kids love everything too. I highly recommend!"

    -Jen P. | Verified Mama


  • - ★★★★★ "I cannot believe how good this stuff smells! Everything from Ghost Flower is like the perfect gift for every occasion. The scrub is super luxurious while still feeling really natural. I freaking love this stuff."

    -Jocelyn G. | Verified Mama


  • - ★★★★★ "Ghost Flower Beauty has the most wholesome product! You can tell that the owner, Jess, truly pours her heart and soul into each product. I have loved all of the beauty products I’ve tried from the day she started this business. Most recently, I tried the shower steamers, and it was the best shower I’ve had… just made it so much more relaxing. Also, a big fan of the body scrubs, they lather really well, smell divine, and leave my skin feeling soft! I love knowing that I’m putting clean ingredients on my skin!"

    -Ariel M. | Verified Mama


  • - ★★★★★ "OBSESSED with everything about this brand, from the aesthetics and brand name of Ghost Flower to the actual quality of how these products work with my body and soul. I have incredibly sensitive skin ( my whole family does) and this is one product I can safely use. The body polish is my absolute favorite as I get bumpy skin in the winter and after one use I was legit stunned at how different my skin felt. Like velvet butter! My father and sister were both gifted Ghost Flower products for Christmas and trust me when I say “ you don’t give my dad lotions or soaps” because he’s never been able to tolerate anything scented or unnatural on his skin. He reached out the day after Xmas and insisted I get him a small stash of products to take home the next time he visits. I also made my best friend try the the body polish over Xmas and as soon as he walked out of taking a shower he said “ WHOA.” I just laughed and responded “ like butter right?”
    Supporting a small business owner goes further than most of us ever realize or care to think about. Supporting this brand means believing in the heart and creative soul of Ghost Flower as her creations are directly supporting and invigorating my body, mind and soul 🙏🏽"

    -Robin W.


  • - ★★★★★ "Love ghost flower products, especially it only contains natural, clean ingredients, perfect for my sensitive skin. From packaging to the luxurious scent and texture, I fell in love with this brand instantly, and can’t wait to share it with all my friends and family. My personal favorite is their lotion, provides double the hydration without any sticky or tacky residue. Must try!"

    -Chaoyu I. | Verified Mama


  • - ★★★★★ "I purchased the shower steamer and lotions. They were so nicely packaged and smelled divinely!!!. I gifted them to my closest friends cause I love them for myself. Definitely recommend to try them out."

    -Alta V. | Verified Mama


  • - ★★★★★ "These soap bars are a thing of beauty. A very pleasant light scent and the way it lathers on my skin, I feel like I’m being pampered. My 14-year-old daughter is obsessed with these soaps. The bubble bath is just as amazing, with great bubbles and a soothing scent. I love that it’s all natural. It feels like a lot of thought and love went into crafting this product."

    -Jessie R. | Verified Mama


  • - ★★★★★ "I love these products! They are high quality. The packaging is beautiful. When I use them they make me feel amazing. I absolutely cannot say enough good things about them."

    -Jennifer H. | Verified Mama


  • - ★★★★★ "The best products! Everything feels so luxurious and is always beautifully packaged. My favorite shop to buy gifts for myself and others."

    -Sarah S. | Verified Mama


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