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All Natural Bath Bomb Bundle - PEPPERMINT & EUCALYPTUS

All Natural Bath Bomb Bundle - PEPPERMINT & EUCALYPTUS

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All Natural Bath Bomb Bundle -


Our All Natural Bath Bomb Bundles include four bath bombs made with pure essential oils & earth clay. 

Peppermint & Eucalyptus

Handmade in small batches & delicately decorated with hand-pressed flowers.  Premium natural ingredients provide a relaxing & luxurious bath experience that may improve skin hydration & leave your skin feeling soft.

Hero ingredients:

Kaolin Clay - A gentle, natural clay that is rich in minerals making this ingredient nourishing & rejuvenating for the skin.  This clay lightly absorbs impurities from the skin, holding them on it's surface like a magnet without really removing any of the skin’s natural oils, leaving your skin detoxed & purified.  kaolin clay is appropriate for use even on the driest or most sensitive skin types.

Shea Butter - Helps skin retain moisture, which makes it soft and smooth. Since it's loaded with antioxidants & anti-inflammatory agents it helps keep your skin soft & supple.

Sweet Almond Oil - Has many nutrients that are good for the skin, including vitamins, minerals, fatty acids & antioxidants that help soothe and hydrate your skin.

Witch Hazel - Reduces inflammation and helps soothe the skin.

Essential Oils - Provide aromatherapy benefits.




Ingredients List:

Baking soda, citric acid, cream of tartar, kaolin clay, indigo powder, shea butter, sweet almond oil, witch hazel, essential oil blend, Natural Cocolean & hand pressed flowers.


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Soothing sore muscles: The essential oils in these bath bomb, like lavender, lemon, peppermint & rosemary, can help to reduce inflammation and ease pain of sore muscles.

Improving circulation: The combination of ingredients can help to improve blood flow & circulation, which can aid in the recovery & healing of sore muscles.

Relaxation & stress relief: Taking a warm bath can be a relaxing & stress-relieving experience on its own but adding one of these bath bombs can help to promote feelings of calm & relaxation, which can help to reduce stress & tension in your body.

Restore: This aromatherapy blend helps in restoring your body & mind, leaving you with a sense of healing after a long day of physical activity.